Another question to the 9/11 Truth Movement…

… and those who believe that the American government plotted the 9/11 attacks; often, for example in the extremely popular movie “Loose Change”, the collapse of the World Trade Center and a third building nearby is used as an argument to support the thesis that there was a George W. Bush-led conspiracy behind the attacks.

Do you not think that if the Bush administration hid their case so successfully such that the Democratic opposition (the people most likely to want to throw Mr Bush out of office) did not manage to use 9/11 against him, the authorities could just as well have bought Taliban airforce bombers, hired suicide bombers and attacked themselves or an ally, or just blown up the underground in New York (think London or Madrid, but blaming al-Qaeda), instead of hiding explosives inside the WTC or whatever you are accusing the government of have been doing?

If you really think that 9/11 was a set-up, do you not think that the Bush administration could just have used a couple of more aircrafts to ensure the collapse of the WTC, instead of doing something such advanced and such unpractical as hiding nanothermite in one of the most public and busy places in the world?

Simon Hedlin Larsson

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