Who needs six degrees of separation?

“It’s A Small World After All

‘The world of economics is quite small, smaller than the town of Wellesley,’ says Mankiw. Mankiw’s career trajectory provides a glimpse at the interconnectedness of the world of economics. ‘I was lucky to study and conduct research with Harvey Rosen, a fantastic professor of microeconomics at Princeton,’ Mankiw says. After receiving a PhD from MIT, Mankiw had several job offers: going back to Princeton to work with Rosen; following Larry Summers, whom he had worked with at MIT, to Harvard; or working with Stanford Business School’s rising star: Ben Bernanke. In the end, he went to Harvard. Several years later, when Mankiw had the opportunity to head the Council of Economic Advisors for President George W. Bush, Mankiw encouraged President Bush to hire Rosen as his colleague. Two years later, Mankiw returned to the classrooms at Harvard to work with then-Harvard President Larry Summers, whose uncles are Nobel Prize winning economists, Paul Samuelson and Kenneth Arrow. Today Summers is President Obama’s top economic advisor, serving as Director of the National Economic Council, and Bernanke is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. It’s a small, small world.”

Excerpt from an interview with Harvard economist Greg Mankiw by WellesleyWeston, basically a magazine for the upper class of Massachusetts (think of NottinghillMayfair as a would-be London equivalent).

Simon Hedlin Larsson

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