Kapitalistisk nytta

Den som inte gillar kapitalistiska multinationella företag bör nog ta en titt på vad exempelvis Unilever gör i Indonesien och Cadbury i Ghana. Ännu ett tips är att se närmare på vad McDonalds betyder för de fattiga bönderna i världens tredje största potatisodlingsland, Indien. The Economist skriver:

“It took McDonald’s roughly six years and $100m to weld a reliable supply chain together.

For fries, that supply chain begins with 2,000 acres of potato fields in Gujarat, cultivated by 400 farmers under contract with McCain Foods. These cultivators belong to a profession which still employs about half of India’s workforce. In Gujarat, agriculture is growing almost as quickly as the rest of the Indian economy. But elsewhere, agriculture is said to be in crisis.


Investments by multinationals like McDonald’s can spread into the wider economy. McDonald’s, for example, invited East Balt Commissary of Chicago, whose founder supplied buns to Ray Kroc’s first McDonald’s franchise, to go to India to train the Cremica bakeries in Delhi and Mumbai. East Balt is what Abhijit Upadhye of McDonald’s India calls a “good system player”. It also asked Schreiber International, which supplies sliced cheese, to tie up with Dynamix Dairy in India. As a result, many other companies, including Nestlé, Unilever and Pepsi, started doing business with Dynamix.

The economic benefits to Gujarat’s farmers will also spread. Mr Patel, for one, cannot wait to harvest his potatoes and receive his payment from McCain. He wants to trade in his Maruti-Suzuki car for a grander model made by Honda.”

Räkna arbetstillfällen, förhöjd levnadsstandard, investeringar i de fattiga, ökade skatteintäkter, och den nytta (utility) som konsumenterna tillgodogör av att köpa produkterna.

Men, men. Det spelar ju ingen roll. Vinst är ändå alltid fult och dåligt, eller hur?

Simon Hedlin Larsson

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