Varifrån kommer jobben?

Saxat från en artikel i Time:

“The conundrum is that the most useful things government can do to encourage job growth aren’t flashy initiatives with quickly visible results. ‘There’s no magic wand we can wave over companies that will induce them to go out and hire people,’ says Matthew Slaughter, an economist at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business. ‘We need to think long-term.’

If Congress wants more and better jobs in the U.S., it should do things like create a permanent tax break for companies that invest in research and development, make it easier for foreigners who get science and engineering Ph.D.s at American universities to stick around after graduation, and spend serious time and money improving the nation’s infrastructure, including the electric grid and broadband network. Such initiatives will not create many jobs that can be tallied on a spreadsheet. What they will do is more important: lay the groundwork for businesses to innovate and grow.”

Kanske något även för Sverige? Dock så struntar ju den svenska regeringen fullkomligt i detta; den vill ju bli omvald och följer därför den folkliga opinionen. Men kanske vore det något för vänstern – som framgångsrikt styrt den svenska opinionen under det senaste århundradet – att begrunda?

Fackförbunden som skriker högst i avtalsrörelsen bör även fundera över följande citat (taget från samma artikel):

“The same is true on the worker side of the equation. If the key characteristics of the American economy are flexibility and forward motion, then we would all be better off if people felt more support — both financial and social — to invest in their education, switch jobs and industries and venture out to start new firms.”

Var det någon som sa att stark arbetsrätt gynnar alla?

Simon Hedlin Larsson

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