Plenty of options

Om man skulle säga att amerikaner generellt sett är roligare än svenskar blir man väl anklagad för att göra supergeneraliseringar utan validitet. Klart är i alla fall att N. Gregory (mest känd som Greg) Mankiw har humor. På sin blogg skriver han:

A person who loves economics can find many courses that would interest him in law school. /…/ To decide which of these two paths [economics or law] is right for you, you have to look hard at your own tastes and aptitudes to figure out your comparative advantage.

I spent 1 1/2 years in the early 1980s as a student at Harvard Law School, and I think I could have forged a happy career with a law degree instead of a PhD. In the end, I decided that my comparative advantage was in economics rather than law, so I suspended my law studies. But I can always go back and finish the law degree if this economics thing doesn’t work out for me (obs, min fetstil).

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