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It is the universe, stupid!

I sometimes get bored during lectures. An American professor once said that his course Economics 101 was more like Naptime 101, so I guess my case is not quite uncommon. However, last week we had a lecture about what I think was money supply and shifts in the IS/LM model. I was not giving it my fullest attention – anyway – I picked up a hand-out that somebody had left from the lecture before ours called Molecules of Life. It was about the principles of thermodynamics so I suppose it was for the first year students in Biology-related programmes.

Nevertheless, I found something that I thought might be of interest to people who are not very good at keeping things in order and being on time. It was the second law of thermodynamics that is called the law of entropy. Basically it states that all matter – everything – strives for high entropy, in simple terms disorder. It is the same principle that causes an ice cube to take heat off the water in a glass and cool it down that is making the universe expand. And it is also ultimately because of the constant strive for entropy that we have to clean and vacuum.

So next time you are late for a meeting, just say that you really, really tried to be on time, but the universe was against you.

Simon Hedlin Larsson