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Interview about studying abroad, behavioral research, and working habits

In an interview with Nadiga Lundtan, a magazine for economics students at Lund University in Sweden, I discussed some of my current research projects as well as a few pieces of advice that I have for those who are considering studying abroad.

The article is available here (pages 15-17).

Simon Hedlin

The first Congress of the Chinese Communist Party

Here, in this room, almost a century ago, the first Congress of the Chinese Communist Party was held. Among the 11 Chinese founding members of the Communist Party was a 27-year-old named Mao Zedong.


For the other 10 members, however, things did perhaps not turn out as planned: 5 of them left the party, 3 were expelled, 2 were murdered, 2 were sentenced to death, and 1 went into exile.

Simon Hedlin

Culture and communism in China

Jing’an Temple in Shanghai was originally built in 247 AD. But the current structure is only three decades old; it had to be rebuilt in 1983 after Mao Zedong turned the temple into a plastic factory during the Cultural Revolution…


Simon Hedlin