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Book deal

I have just signed a book deal with Stanford University Press to write about women’s empowerment and how gender equality promotes economic development.

Simon Hedlin

America’s next recession

Since its founding, the United States has gone through 49 recessions.

The average period of time between recessions is less than 4 years. Since World War II, that figure has been 58 months, or close to 5 years.

In America’s history, the longest expansion lasted 120 months, or exactly 10 years.

The last recession ended in June 2009. The next recession will most likely happen before January 2021.

Simon Hedlin

Cass R. Sunstein and Simon Hedlin: Is greener always better?

Today I write in Los Angeles Times with Cass Sunstein of Harvard Law School about positive and negative stereotypes of environmentally friendly goods and services.

Simon Hedlin

Prostitution and sex trafficking paper

I have just accepted an offer to publish one of my papers on the relationship between prostitution laws and sex trafficking in the Michigan Journal of Law Reform.

Simon Hedlin

Paper published in Ecology Law Quarterly

A paper related to environmental law and behavioral economics that I have co-authored with Cass Sunstein of Harvard Law School has just been published in Ecology Law Quarterly.

Simon Hedlin


Journal of International Women’s Studies

I have recently joined the board of the Journal of International Women’s Studies (JIWS), an open-access, peer reviewed journal on gender issues, as an Editor. Check out the current issues here.

Simon Hedlin

How Marco Rubio proved the polls wrong

In another column in Swedish, I explain how Marco Rubio’s mastery of retail politics helped propel him to a strong third place in the Iowa caucus. In over fifty polls leading up to the Iowa contest, Rubio received over 20 percent in just one poll, and yet he ended up with 23 percent when the votes had finally been cast. The column can be found here.

Simon Hedlin