Are politicians really no action?

Donald Trump says in one of his new ads that “politicians are all talk, no action.”

That may sound all good at first, but if you take a moment and think about it then it does not necessarily make much sense. America’s politicians do actually get a lot of things done. A few examples:

The federal tax code has grown by 18,700% over the past hundred years.

America spent over $2 trillion on the Iraq War.

The last Congress enacted more than 290 new laws, equivalent to 6,459 pages or 4,264,363 words.

President Barack Obama has issued more than 200 executive orders since taking office.

Last year, Congress spent $120 million on upgrades of the M1 Abrams tank that the Army does not want; $15 million on the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund; $5.9 million on the East-West Center; and $4 million on the aquatic plant control program.

So to the extent that there is a problem, it does not seem to be “no action,” but rather too much action, or at the very least misdirected action.

Simon Hedlin

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